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We are now open for business

Our offices are now open, and following the conclusion of our COVID-19 risk assessment we’re pleased to begin conducting in-person meetings including valuations and viewings. We take our duty of care extremely seriously – ensuring that all appointments are conducted safely and in-line with Government guidelines is our highest priority and, as such, we have…

Who can arrange a property survey? Anyone

Buyers traditionally arrange and pay for surveys once their offer has been accepted. Good surveyors can spot what the untrained eye can’t, and tell buyers honestly what to expect down the road. Surveyors work to give buyers confidence and clarity in one of the biggest purchases in their lives. They can actually do this for…

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A Premier event for landlords

Our Premier Clients team set up a brilliant Lagos event, one in an ongoing series, with a wealth of insight into the current and upcoming market. In this article, we’ll touch on some of the fantastic insight from the event with a few key points that any business-minded Lagos landlord should know.

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